About Me

It all started with a mother who taught me the value of effort and a father who taught me to follow my passion. A great grandmother who gifted fine art supplies. A grandfather who always lifted confidence with a kind word. And so many others.

I believe that so much of me is a product of my efforts with the gifts that these, and a loving Heavenly Father gave me through the people in my life. With this arsenal, I headed to college, earned my degree in Art History and Curatorial Studies, and found a man who would stand beside me through thick and thin. We've settled in the Dallas area, where despite my wanderings I've always found home. We're working hard and building a life I am proud of! 

I feel quite privileged that in photography I've found something that I LOVE and that I feel is both a culmination of my gathered gifts and a challenge to stretch me to new heights. 

Portraiture, Wedding and Engagement photography based in FRISCO, TX.

Photo credit Camilia Lund Photography